230 V, plug it in an away you go

You need a 230 V electric socket with a 16 A fuse. The Atollspeed AS300T can be used anywhere: in shops, at special events, at markets and even in mobile selling vehicles.

  • 230 V connection – can be used anywhere
  • No high costs for setting up power connection
  • High performance at low cost
  • Minimal electricity-use
  • Due to the integrated catalytic filter, no on-site ventilation system is required

Easy, quick cleaning

The hygiene baking chamber has smooth surfaces, no movable parts and is easy to clean thoroughly

  • Hygiene baking chamber – easy, quick cleaning
  • Maintenance-free
  • No movable parts in the baking chamber
  • Cool down mode

Combined impingement & microwave technology

The speed of the hot air jets (impingement) can be set at 10 different levels

  • Perfect baking and frying results
  • Even quick browning
  • Perfect crust formation
  • Sensational speed

High engergy efficiency, low operating costs

Perfect insulation ensures the heat stays in the baking chamber - minimal heat loss

  • Excellent insulation – low heat loss
  • Operating temperature achieved quickly
  • Perfect combination of energy-efficient heating and high-performance microwave


Ideal for shops with little space. Prepare an entire meal simultaneously in an incredibly short period of time

  • Two devices are stackable
  • Minimal use of space
  • Robust design

Simple to use via touch screen controls

The 7”, glass-fronted, colour touch screen controls are very simple to use and easy to read from a distance

  • Quick and easy to use via touch screen controls
  • Favourites list with icons
  • 100 programs incl. USB-port for simple data transfer
  • Simple operation and quality control through process control “Guaranteed Cooking Results”
  • Boost function to bake two and more snacks at the same time